Infinite Earth Radio is a podcast dedicated to spreading ideas about how to lift up and revitalize marginalized communities by focusing on building human and social capital in a way that respects the earth we live on.

Each week on the podcast Mike Hancox and Vernice Miller-Travis of Skeo, interview visionary leaders, dedicated government officials, savvy businesses and forward thinking individuals who are working to build smarter, more equitable, sustainable, and prosperous communities through social and economic inclusion that values the contribution of all citizens and seeks meaningful lives for everyone.

We invite you to listen to Infinite Earth Radio’s 2016 National Training & Resources Summit’s companion podcast series! The series features interviews with Mustafa Ali, EPA’s Senior Advisor to the Administrator for Environmental Justice, and several of the Summit’s track leads and takes a deep dive into the ambitious goals of the 2016 National Training & Resources Summit, the Summit’s three tracks, and how to move vulnerable communities from surviving to thriving.

Episodes are available now and new episodes are released every Thursday. Tune in on iTunes, Stitcher,, or right here on the Summit’s website.

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