Words cannot express our appreciation for the dedication shown by all the sponsors, planners, volunteers, speakers, and staff across multi-stakeholder organizations that came together over the past several months to ensure the success of this Inaugural 2016 National Training & Resources Summit for Revitalizing Vulnerable Communities.

Most importantly, our hearts and prayers go out to the families of our track honorees for their willingness to share their loved one’s stories with us: Dorothy Purley, Reverend Hon. Clementa C. Pinckney, Dana Alston, and Hazel M. Johnson. Thank you so very much friends and colleagues listed below for working tirelessly above and beyond your normal activities, in the evenings and on weekends to bring us this amazing Summit of tools and resources for our communities.


Peace and Blessings,


Dr. Marva E. King and Holly P. Wilson,

Summit Co-Leads

We would like to thank

Monique Burton

Jayla Crosby

David Flagg:

Synclaire Roberts

Marcel Adams


Dr. Sue Briggum (Waste Management, Inc.), Nicholas Targ (Holland & Knight), Ben Wilson (Beveridge and Diamond), Tim Fields (Michael D. Baker Company), Beth Toner (Robert Wood Johnson Foundation), Helen V. Chin (Surdna Foundation), Janet Disla (Nathan Cummings Foundation), Andy Rosenberg (Union of Concerned Scientists), Leslie Fields (Sierra Club), the Environmental Protection Agency (OA/OAM/OARM/OAR/OCSPP/OLEM/ORD/OW/OSBP), the U.S. Department of Health and Human Services (OS/OASH/NIH/NIEHS)

Website and Graphics

Tanya Amaya (Analytic Design), Kendrick L. Richardson (RDS Architecture)

The Dorothy Purley: Just Transition Workforce Development Training Track
Tri-leads: Chip Hughes and Sharon Beard (HHS/NIEHS), Khalil Shahyd (Natural Resources Defense Council), José T. Bravo (Just Transition Alliance)
Donele Wilkins (Green Door Initiative), Rev. Leo Woodberry (Kingdom Living Temple), Dr. Rubin Patterson (Howard University), Sydney Snow (Green
for All), Bernadette Grafton (EPA/OLEM/Brownfields), Sabina Pendse (EPA R2), Phil Hull (Communities Housing Partners), Don Cravins (National Urban League), James Foti (US DOL), Cecelia Knox (Prince George's Community College), Felipe Floresca, (Emerald Cities), Larry Williams, (Sierra Club),Stephanie Tyree, (WV Community Development Hub), Arturo Archila (United Steelworkers), Les Leopold (Labor Institute)

The Reverend Hon. Clementa C. Pinckney: Business Opportunities and Access to Financial Resources Track

Tri-leads: Carlton Eley (EPA/OEJ) and Charlie Bartsch (EPA/OLEM), Dr. Erica Holloman (Southeast CARE Coalition), Gilbert G Campbell (Volt Energy, LLC) Rev. Leo Woodberry (Kingdom Living Temple), Paula Zampieri Hoag (EPA/ OSBP), David Allen (EPA/OSBP), Dr. Deidre Sanders (American Association of Blacks in Energy), Marilyn Waite (ESW), MaKara Rumley (EPA R4), Sydney Snow (Green For All), Kevin Warner (Emerald Cities), Al Weaver (Community Development Exchange), Margot Brown (EPA/OP/OSC), Tony Thomas (Anacostia Community Museum), Sabina Pendse (EPA R2), Colber Prosper (Prosper & Partners)

The Dana Alston: Health and Environmental Resources Track

Tri-leads: Dr. Scheherazade W. Forman (Prince George's Community College), Dr. Adrienne Hollis (WE ACT), Jay Benforado (EPA/ORD) Dr. Beverly Wright (Deep South Center, Dillard University), Dr. Sacoby Wilson (University of MD College Park), Dr. Sandra Howard and Chanya Liv (HHS/OS/ OASH), Dr. Erica Holloman (Southeast CARE Coalition), Dr. Jalonne WhiteNewsome (The Kresge foundation), Dr. Rubin Patterson (Howard University), Dr. Sue Briggum (Waste Management), Sonya Neal Reeves (USDA), Dr. Marybeth Smuts (EPA R1), Dr. Rhona Julien (EPA R1), Cassandra Allen (HHS/NIH), Melissa McCullough (EPA/ORD), Lauren Mcallister (EPA/ORD), Bernadette Grafton (EPA/OLEM/Brownfields), Maggie Tishman (Emerald Cities), Kamita Gray (Brandywine/TB Southern Region Neighborhood Coalition), Matt Campbell (DHS/FEMA), Cerasani, Gina (EPA/OGC), Val Swan-Townsend (EPA/OARM/OGD), Jessica Durand (EPA/OARM/OGD), Jerome Shabazz (Jastech Development Services, Inc.), Cynthia Peurifoy (EPA R4), Dennis Chestnut (Groundwork Anacostia), Darryl Haddock (West Atlanta Watershed Association), Kari Fulton (Empower DC)

The Hazel M. Johnson: Eco-Café and Networking Session

Laura Mckelvey (EPA/OAR/OAQPS), Victoria Robinson (EPA/OEJ), Rhonda Wright (EPA/OAR/OAQPS), Alyssa Edwards (EPA/OEJ) Additional Summit Planning Members from EPA: Chad Nitsch (OA), Jini Ryan (OA), Brian Taylor (OA), Ray Flores (OA), Sheila Lewis (OEJ), Jacob Burney (OEJ), Kevin Olp (OEJ), Jeanine Finley (OEJ), Masha Minter (OEJ), Karen Martin (OEJ), Kimberly Patrick (OSBP), Joan Rogers (OSBP), Ted Coopwood (OCHP), Michelle Mabson (OCHP), Kent Benjamin (OLEM), Ellen Manges (OLEM), Pat Carey (OLEM), Teri Johnson (OW/UW), Roy Simon (OW/UW), Alice Walker (OW), Lucille Liem (OGC)